Electronic Cigarette Review: Henley Vapor Pens

Henley not only makes vapor pens but mods as well. They have their own line for rechargeable and disposable mini vapor pens.

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The deluxe kit is more like the South beach starter kit. The packaging looks like an iphone packaging and is more compact and robust. The packing comes in black and the logo is printed on the top. There is bubble wrap for protection during shipping.

The batteries and cartridges are in black color and have a black Henley logo. The Henley vapor pen is the size of a cigarette with the tip glowing in white when activated.

Henley’s express kit includes a Battery, a charger, 3 cartridges and a car charger. The packaging is made of cardboard but the packaging is really good to look at.

Henley Vapes

They have many flavors like grape, cherry, strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, original tobacco, menthol, watermelon, clove, pina colada and cappuccino. The vapor production is adequate and it produces a good amount of vapor. The throat hit is light but the flavor is very pleasant. I personally liked the fruit flavors; watermelon was the best one for me. I was surprised that how close the taste was to real fruits, you could actually have a tasty flavor in your mouth with a decent kick. I also liked the menthol flavor; it gave me a nice boost.

The battery life was a bit disappointing; it only lasts about 120puffs par charge and take about 2 hours to charge the battery. I must say that if Henley wants to compete in this market than they have to do better in the battery department, there are brands in the market who are now claiming 400 puffs par charge, now that phenomenal.

Henley is a new vape brand so it will take them a little time to establish themselves and start selling premium products in the mainstream market, right now their product is mediocre and I would recommend it to those who are starting, intermediate and advance smokers would be disappointed. There are also a few good things about Henley, the price is competitive and the flavors are awesome