Why to Avoid USA Sex Guide

There’s many streetwalker forums out there, how does one determine if they are any good? Well, whatever the others might be, “USA Sex Guide” has got to be one of the worst. You might be thinking, why should anyone get so serious over a casual hookup? Unless you want to contract some kind of STD, you should look into a site before trusting its services. Keep reading for an overview of everything about the site.

Avoiding USA Sex Guide Would be a Wise Move

If you fancy yourself legal trouble alongside a full plate of some kind of venereal disease, then look no further than USA Sex Guide. With its unreliable hosts and lack of customer service, you will have a wonderful time. It’s simply not a site to risk your time and life over.


You will know you’ve arrived when you see this catchy banner. Don’t let it fool you!

In fact, this article has gone very viral talking about this exact same thing!

International sex guide Report : Trouble For Sure!  Find Out Why Today!

If that title doesn’t terrify you, I don’t know what does.  You don’t want to get busted for soliciting prostitutes.

Now that we have the introductions out of the way, here’s why you should never call any of the women from USA Sex Guide to come over for Netflix and Chill. Firstly, if you do end up calling one of the girls over, know that it won’t come cheap. They overcharge to oblivion, and all of them are in fact, prostitutes. The ads you come across feature hookers, not classy women who would make good trophy wives. Most of these women are drug addicts and totally not stable when they arrive to your doorstep, falling over. Most of these women, are unattractive due to their unhealthy habits.

False advertising is a key factor when it comes to forums like these success as scams. You might click a picture of a hot, busty, blonde woman, but chances are that those pictures were stolen from someone’s Instagram or it just might be years old. The women in the picture if they are the ones in the picture, most probably have changed their features due to the overpowering addiction to drugs. It’s a much safer bet to find yourself another website to find an escort, since this one will most likely help you get a disease, and an empty wallet.

Of course, hiring prostitutes comes with all sorts of consequences, like getting arrested for one. The problem that is most common place is that of the police, post catfish pictures on the site to attract gullible customers like yourself, in order to make arrests. With every single message you send, you could potentially attract law enforcement to track you down. Another thing to be mindful of, since you pay for a subscription on your profile, you leave all your personal information out for the police to track you down with.

In conclusion, avoid USA Sex Guide because it’s dangerous, unreliable, and you could potentially be dealing with the police. The site has come into a lot of legal trouble itself, with every state. There’s always a much safer option like going through Tinder or Instagram to find someone. A hot girl (who may not even be hot) is not worth the legal trouble you might face, the diseases you may contract and the money you lose in the process.

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